$350.00 earned by Bolder Boulder Volunteers

$350.00 earned by Bolder Boulder Volunteers

$350.00 earned by Bolder Boulder Volunteers

Not too shabby! 14 kind souls volunteered to hold the heat designation signs during the Bolder Boulder Citizens race again this year. Those people are: Lee Cortelyou, Ramona Corbin-Brown and her friend, Wendy Crawford, MaryBeth Downing, Adam Fortin, Susie Powell, Margaret Reagor, Jane Rivette, Bonnie & Glen Strand, Belinda & Skip Strickland, Chris Swift and our fearless leader, Doris Turner. Thank you for your leadership, Doris.

Many smiles were had by all during this high energy, famous event so typical of Boulder. In groups of 4, 2 on each side of the divided road on 30th St., we would hold the signs and ropes separating the divisions of participants. As the groups would begin the race at the starting line, we would advance. Once our group took off, we would start over at the back of the line. We saw everything from fully suited firefighter brigades, matching flying hippos and much more.

Each worker received a specially decorated lunch bag with a variety of healthy food products inside and a snazzy tee-shirt. Love that beef jerky!

The proceeds will go to Casa de Paz, whose mission is to “ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.” It is located a few miles from the immigrant detention center in Denver. They offer a safe place to stay, meals, help to contact their loved ones, rides and act as advocates. Please read more about this awesome charity at www.CasaDePazColorado.org.

Perhaps you would like to join us next year.

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