Adult Forum delves into books not included in the Bible

Adult Forum delves into books not included in the Bible

Everyone is invited to join Adult Forum this summer as we discuss and wrestle with the texts that were not included in the Holy Bible. We will be talking about the state of affairs in early Christianity and how some of the texts were included while others were rejected. Ideas such as official canon and gnosticism will be considered as we marvel at the diversity and vibrancy of the early church.

Some of the texts that will be read and discussed are The Secret Book of John, The Gospel of Thomas, The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Mary, and The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity. Copies of the texts that we will consider will be available in a folder on the bulletin board across from the church office. You can also email Carol Forbes at to get an emailed copy.

Join us for lively discussion as we grow in our faith. Adult Forum meets Sunday mornings at 9:05 in Frasier Parlor South.

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