Advent Devotion Booklet — Help Out!

Advent Devotion Booklet — Help Out!

Advent Booklet Help

Let’s keep building the Mountain View community by creating our own Advent Devotional to celebrate Mountain View’s 60th anniversary.  We invite anyone who attends Mt. View to write a simple devotion intended to aid an individual in their Advent spiritual journey.

The format will be the same for all contributions.  It includes:

  • A Scripture or a stanza from a Hymn or a quote from a spiritual leader
  • A story, anecdote or thought of your own. Ideally, this would support the Advent Theme, Prepare the Way
  • A prayer

You can do it! We are collecting contributions from you (yes, you!) anytime between May 1 and Aug 1. Please send them to  Please be sure to include all three of the components listed above. You can also hand-write your contribution & leave it in the IFD mailbox across from the Church Office.

If you have any questions about format or the Advent devotional collection, you can email any member of the Intentional Faith Development team, including Trudy (, Sherron (, or Cheryl (
We need all of Mountain View to support this effort to make it work, so please consider writing a devotion based on your own thoughts and experience and send it to us!

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