Care Team – More than Just an Advent Treat

Care Team – More than Just an Advent Treat


The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, emphasized the connection between the body and the spirit.  Part of his effort to meet the both needs among his church was the formation of  ‘classes’: small groups of ten to twelve people that would meet once a week to worship, advise and encourage each other and see to pastoral needs.

Today’s church is much bigger than Wesley’s classes.  However, the needs of our congregants have not changed.  Many in our church are unable to come to Sunday services or are struggling with loss, health issues or difficult times.  Part of the mission and passion of the Care Team is to address the needs of all.

Earlier this month, the Care Team met with the Transformation Group to put together Advent Bags for those members of our congregation who are struggling and homebound.  Each member of both teams brought an item for the bags.  There were clementines, chocolate Christmas candy, Christmas cards, cookies, ornaments, tealights, prayer squares…..the variety and richness boggled the mind.  Then, on a Wednesday morning, the two groups met to fill the bags.  They started with a blessing of the bags and the people who would be receiving them.  Then, as quickly as the bags were filled, tags were attached and the bags closed with ribbon.  Forty-five bags in total were prepared for delivery.  Then, members of the two groups divided up the bags for a personal visit and delivery.

The Care Team has been delivering care bags at both Advent and Lent for several years.  Recipients have commented on the fun of discovery as they pull out each item but, even more important, is the personal touch and the understanding that they are still and important part of our church.  John Wesley would approve.


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