Come! Worship! Before You “Head for the Hills”

Come! Worship! Before You “Head for the Hills”

In the spring of 1994, a small group began planning for an abbreviated, early worship service which folks could attend in their hiking clothes before taking off for a day in the mountains. The service was entirely lay led. Since there was no budget for the service, the volunteer liturgist wrote the order of worship on a white board each Sunday. The hymns, call to worship, prayers and such were printed on transparencies and shown with an overhead projector. (Do you remember those?) The altar flowers came from our yards.

The service continues as the 8:00 worship with a very loyal group. While the service has become more formal, we welcome you in your hiking boots if you would like to begin your week with prayer and worship before heading out.

We meet at the back of the Sanctuary, facing the stained glass window. It is worth getting up early to see the sun coming through that window on a glorious Sunday morning.

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