Drawdown Solutions to Climate Change

Drawdown Solutions to Climate Change

This month we are highlighting some of the Drawdown solutions that are part of our carbon offset purchases through

  • #21 Clean Cookstoves: Traditional cooking practices produce toxic smoke and 2 to 5 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Clean cookstoves reduce emissions and protect human health.
  • #10 Rooftop Solar: Rooftop solar is spreading as its cost falls, driven by incentives to accelerate growth, economies of scale in manufacturing, and advances in photovoltaic technology.
  • #8 Solar Farms: Solar farms tap the sun’s virtually unlimited, clean, and free fuel, using large-scale arrays of hundreds, though and in some cases millions of photovoltaic panels. Several members of the Green Team signed up to participate in the Xcel Solar garden project where our electrical usage is from Xcel’s Solar panel garden projects. Talk to Arthur Howe if you want more details.

Other solutions that we highlight every month involve our vegetarian recipes (#4 Plant-Based Diet). Meat-centric diets come with a steep climate price tag:one-fifth of global emissions. Plant-rich diets dramatically reduce emissions and rates of chronic disease.

A final offering: did you know that one of the best ways to protect our planet is to safely deal with our used ‘cooling’ appliances? Refrigerent Management is the #1 Drawdown solution. The primary chemical refrigerant, HFCs, is a potent green house gas. Phasing out its use will reduce global warming by nearly one degree Fahrenheit. Have a used appliance that needs to be recycled? We are blessed to have a local place to do that: Eco-Cycle: CHaRM (Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials. 6400 Arapahoe, 303-444-6634).

NOTE: Summaries of DRAWDOWN solutions are from handouts provided by PACHAMAMA ALLIANCE, a non-profit organization dedicated to building conscientious momentum to create a sustainable future.

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