Getting My Steps In

Getting My Steps In

A year ago my brother gifted me a purple Fitbit for my birthday. Also a year ago I growing each day with child so in some ways the two gifts didn’t match. But I still sought to get my steps in, setting a goal for my well-being and motivation. With Lydia inside me, I took those steps slowly and surely around the neighborhood trails. Now with Lydia in a stroller we can cruise all over with a light and quick pace. You’ll know I made my daily step goal when the happy vibration on my arm inspires a fist pump in the air.

Recently, I have been getting my steps in other important ways. I walked with the youth in the MLK March in Lafayette over the holiday weekend. The steps mattered as we talked with eachother about the daily grind at school and with friends while also being immersed in the intentional movement, stepping together with neighbors to uplift the legacy and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. At the end of our walk, we added our footprints and artistic weaving to the web of yarn being strung by the March participants. This art project invited us to tie a piece of string to a hub post in the middle of a large circle of other posts all of which identified people in particular ways. From the middle post reading “I am human” we stepped around the posts about being “a middle schooler” and “high schooler” and “conservative” and “progressive” and from “Boulder” and from “Beyond Boulder County” while others near by wove their strings around posts saying “immigrant” and “LGBTQ” and “English is my 2nd language.” Our steps cross each other in the snow even as the red yarn began to take shape in the sky.

Later in that same week, I took steps alongside residents of Frasier Meadows Retirement Community including Mountain View members Betty Youngblood and Rachel Bender. We walked slowly but in conversation about how life has unfolded before us over the decades even while being reminded of the days ahead that will certainly bring change as they unfold.
To round out the week, I got my steps in at Crossfyre on Sunday evening playing Dance Dance Revolution. If ever you need to get your steps in, the hip-hop dancing video game is the ultimate way. We looked silly — sort of dancing, sort of bouncing, and sort of wildly stepping to the funky beat. But we did this together, in and out of step, and finished each song with a collective whew.

Each one of these steps matters and builds a foundation for the next step. Some of them seem simple but enable relationships to grow and trust to blossom. Other steps carry more weight as they represent goals and hopes on a larger scale. And yet all these steps really count in the ways they are made together. I wouldn’t trade a walk with my daughter for all the steps at the gym I do alone. And I certainly can’t imagine going the next steps of this journey of faith alone. I pray that we can get our steps in, with passion and purpose, together. For that I would raise my hand for a celebratory fist pump.

Still stepping in Christ,

Pastor Sarah

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