Sarah’s Reflections – December 2016

Sarah’s Reflections – December 2016

Be still and know…
“Know what,” you might ask? Most of the time I stop to be still, and I know
• What groceries are absent from the fridge
• Who needs a call for a hello or check in
• How I will arrange my schedule to fit in one more item on the to do list
• When I need to be where and how and wait…I forgot about that!
• How much my kiddo likes her current nap
• What thank you letter needs to be written…

You get the idea. To be still and know is more like a tug-o-war between the mind- ever good and able with helping me work out all the great situations needing a solve- and the heart.

This Advent season I want to try something new as I give myself to a little stillness: allow my mind to know other, more foundational truths beyond the grocery list. My mind can begin to list off:
• Who loves me and who I love
• What gifts I have to relish in and use
• What connections I hold with dear ones near and far away
• How and when I respond in gratitude or joy or contentment
• What many daily movements of body and spirit come together to live
• How God envelops me in tenderness each day

With this knowing activity before me, being still seems all that more enticing. As I think of the characters of this Christmas season, I recall so many who had vocations that allowed them to be still. The shepherds in the field. The Magi peering into the sky. Joseph at his woodworking. Mary at her pondering of becoming a mother. My vocation as a pastor calls me to rest in prayer. My vocation as a wife calls me to be still and snuggle with my husband. My vocation as a mother calls me to delight in the very present moment to my child as she grows and learns.

These moments of stillness and knowing are just before me. I pray you discover similar graced opportunities to be still and know of God’s ever present hope and love for you this Advent season.

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