Small Group Invitation for ALL

Small Group Invitation for ALL

The Mountain View Inclusivity Committee has been holding small group sessions at various times since November 2017. We have tried to reach out to every member/friend of the church seeking their input on the subject of inclusion. We are holding our last meeting on Saturday, April 14 at 10:00 am in Frasier Parlor at the church.

There was an article on the Inclusivity Committee in the 2017 November Messenger. This new committee is charged with ensuring that all children of God are included in our Mt. View family. The small group sessions are the initial launch of this project. With this process we are following exploration of the Wesley Quadrilateral. The first step is to identify the struggles around inclusion: Have I been excluded? Have I been marginalized? How does this feel? Am I excluded or marginalized at work, at school, in my social life, in my family, at my church? What was it like growing up? How has it changed over time? Was the exclusion because of gender, class, sex, race, ethnicity, immigration status, disability, etc.? Has Mt. View excluded or marginalized me? We feel these groups help us explore the Tradition and Experience pieces of the quadrilateral.

If you have not attended a session, we hope you will consider attending and sharing your experiences and voice. We look forward to being together for an hour on Saturday, April 14 at 10:00 am in Frasier Parlor.

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