What Else Can You Do?

What Else Can You Do?

I was talking with a congregation member last month and, in the course of our discussion, discovered that her husband and son were both trumpet players. And, as I talked with another member a while back, discovered that all of the members of their family played various musical instruments. When I first took over as Director of Music, I knew that we had a rather large contingent of flute players here at Mountain View, but did not know how many other folks played instruments.

Over the last several months, I have discovered that we have at least 5 flute players, a bassoonist, a trombonist, 2 trumpet players, a couple of violinists, two violists, two cellists, a bassist, a percussionist, several hand bell players, a few guitarists, and several pianists. This is quite a musical treasure, in addition to our regular musicians in the choirs, hand bell choir, and praise team. And I’m quite sure there are many more instrumentalists out there that I am not aware of.

In a year where we have seen a cut in the budgets of many of our committees and our music department, it seems like we should try to use some of our own “home-grown” talent as we lead the congregation with our music. There are many ways that we can incorporate instrumental music with our choral music. Instruments can be used to enhance our hymn singing. We could certainly use a small ensemble of instruments to play during our offering time. I have access to a great volume of music that allows for flexibility in instrumentation and can be used to enhance worship.

I would love to identify as many instrumental musicians as possible that would be willing to assist with our worship music. I am not looking for professional level players, but folks that may have played in a community band or orchestra, or are playing, or have played, in school. I can arrange music that will fit a variety of ability levels, from novice to advanced. Come and talk with me after worship or send me an email and let me know how you can help us out.

And, when we engage in conversation, don’t be surprised if one of the things I ask is, “What else can you do?”

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