Wherever God Leads

Wherever God Leads

The purpose behind our work as a congregation is to clarify who we are as people of the Way, Life and Truth in God. The elected and appointed leaders of this sacred community have worked diligently to dream a bigger dream for Mountain View; one that supports our personal walk of faith, sustaining our relationships, and “Building a vital and open community on Christ’s foundation.” (Vision statement 2019)

In order for us to fulfil this vision, we must include an unshakable commitment to openness, authenticity, and the principles of healthy relationships as individuals and congregation. It will not do to make grand statements of love, but operate “transactionally” with one another. One cannot expect vulnerability and honesty to come from accusatory language, fractionalization, or secret keeping. One will not see growth where there is not trust, and one cannot push past trust issues where a conversation partner pulls out of dialogue and a possibility of living differently together.

To develop our ability to build accountable, healthy lives together, we are exploring Spiritual Practices. These are exercises which help us answer some questions and to grow — How do we pray through our everyday experiences, asking for help? When can we make time for God? Who lifts us to gratitude and grace when we are suffering? Spiritual practices can transform us individually and corporately.

In the season of Lent, (Ash Wednesday is March 6th) we are preparing to address the ART of confession & forgiveness as they lead us to restoration and holy living.

How do we build a life of faith and integrity? Why is that so important to live this way? What can we do to promote this in ourselves and in our relationships?

We are drawn to building our lives with faith and integrity, so that we can be genuine, authentic and present in our relationships. We want to use our powers for good, living and learning healthy patterns of relating that can last generations. For those reading this far, the secret word is: TRUST. Share it with me for a special blessing.

To accomplish our goal, we will be offering a ONE Book, ONE Church opportunity for Lent. We will be studying “What Are We Fighting For? Coming Together Around What Matters Most”, by Bishop Thomas Bickerton, and are asking every class and group to consider using this book as your resource for Lent. This 6-week study includes Leader, DVD, student and devotional books, and we will be making the devotional available to everyone who desires it. (Please contact MV office so we can make a group order.) Pastor Sarah and I will be referencing this material from the ONE Book, ONE Church study from the Sunday pulpit.

Together in Jesus’ Name,
Pastor Steve

Mountain View UMC

We believe you will be impressed by the passion, authenticity and diversity of this sacred community.