Wherever God Leads

Wherever God Leads

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”
― John Wesley

Financial leadership is part of every pastor’s job. It’s also a meaningful household commitment! Plan to give and giving to plan, is more than a promise at our house. It is the fulfilment of our Christian calling to support the work of Jesus Christ with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Making our regular offering to Mountain View is more to us than a routine chore dealing with money. It is a meaningful act of worship and service; and a Joy to witness what fruits are borne in the lives which are touched by this ministry! Allow me to share just one example.
This week is Vacation Bible Study. Well over 100 kids are signed up to love, laugh and learn about becoming “Super heroes” in our world; employing the love which God has given each one of us to share. It is an effort involving 1000’s of service hours from our volunteers, and affecting 1000’s more throughout our community. We are sharing an empowering message of faith, love and hope — a major out-pouring of spiritual energy and commitment from Mountain View to others!
What is it worth? As a sign and symbol of the significance of our sacred community, this effort is priceless! As a practical expression of our hopes and dreams for this community, it is essential. And without the generous financial support of ALL of us, it simply wouldn’t be.
This is but ONE example of how our prayerful and financial support is counted, combined, multiplied again and again in God’s hands. This is but one example of your generosity of heart and soul, for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and the sons and daughters of this community  who will build the future; with super-hero values claimed from the witness of the Bible. Just imagine what the future would hold, without the Christian values of compassion, heart and courage expressed in daily living. Imagine our world without God…
I wish to ask you to join me in worship this Sunday, to fulfill the pledge, write the check and making the extra donation to our shared work of ministry at Mountain View. It isn’t that there aren’t many other worth causes we might support in the world. It is that few if any can match the impact for good we do through this church and its global, faith-based outreach!
Plan to give and give to plan, is more than a motto to us. It is a way to declare with our giving the very heart of our values, which supports our dreams for a better tomorrow! With our founder J.W. we would: “Do all the good we can. By all the means we can. In all the ways we can. In all the places we can. At all the times we can. To all the people we can. As long as ever we can.”

Pastor Steve

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