Wherever God Leads

Wherever God Leads

In the time of Roman Emperor, Julius Augustus, and then again Pope Gregory, changes were made to the Western calendar in order to make it align with observable facts and realities of the day. In Caesar’s time, the need to add the months of July and August were recognized in order to align with lunar movements and solar observations. Then, since the Roman emperor’s system miscalculated the length of the solar year by 11 minutes, Pope Gregory XIII introduced his Gregorian calendar in 1582. By that time the calendar had fallen out of sync with the seasons, and adjustments had to be made.

In 2018 Mountain View finds it necessary to adjust the calendar once again. In order to align with our expectations for service and ministry to our community, the leaders of Mountain View have decreed an extra month to be added to the year. This extra month will give you a supplementary opportunity for giving so that we can live into our plan to grow and fully fund our ministry. This extra month has been opened between April 15th and May 13th — The joyful month of MAYPRIL!!

Our Goal for MAYPRIL is an additional $50,000 from all sources. Your extra gifts are necessary to ensure our momentum into summer, and fund the long-term vision of two qualified clergy at Mountain View. Your sustained gifts support rich perspectives from the pulpit, expanded growth and learning opportunities, and greater flexibility in responding to the needs of this community.

If you have already pledged your support to our ministries for 2018, thank you! We are asking you to consider an additional 1/12th gift at this critical time in the church’s life and ministry. If you aren’t already a financial supporter of Mountain View, you might consider a new $500, $100, or $50 donation. Other ideas for this one-time offering might be a Mother’s Day gift, a Memorial gift or a Birthday gift for Mountain View as it turns 60 this year! At this point in time, we are accepting early donations for a matching fund for this month-long effort, just mark your early gift “Matching” in the memo line in advance of the April 15th start of the campaign.

In addition, when placed in the special offering envelop with your identifying information, everyone is eligible for the drawing for a quart of local, raw honey contributed by Pastor Steve’s busy honey bees.

Finally, the church will hold a celebration of on May 20, Heritage Sunday. On that day we will gather downstairs in Barker Hall for a meal, celebrating God’s gifts to us. More fun is being planned — even a traditional children’s dance around the May pole! Please watch the lobby bulletin Board, as the watering can of MAYPRIL fills up of the church. Each one’s gifts, large and small are needed to moisten the earth of our ministry, and bring forth its true bounty.

Occasionally, our calendars must adjust to align with our needs and expectations. Our plans for years have focused on expanding our ministry in this way. Now it is our privilege to bring resources to bear, and bring our dreams into reality, our ideas to fruition. I know Mountain View can count on you and your financial support in these pivotal times. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pastor Steve

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