Wherever God Leads

Wherever God Leads

I love Mountain View, don’t you?  When others are asked what they like most about this Church, they often say, “It’s the people I meet. “  “The heart of service I encounter.”  “The depth of caring I experience,” “The authentic relationships I make at Mountain View fill my heart.”  But what happens to Mountain View when we aren’t there?

Everyone I speak to have their own reasons for returning to Mountain View, again and again. Service gives our lives meaning.  Learning takes many forms.  Worship time is essential!  There are reasonable exceptions, of course; a vacation, family trip or business obligations, but when we are missing from worship, we miss a lot, and others miss us too!

Regular worship attendance not only feeds our souls, it provides encouragement to others.  Our presence in worship, our prayers, and singing witnesses to others about the value we place on our devotion and the ordinances of God.  It is a small commitment of time, which indeed has weight, meaning and impact on the world.   Just coming to praise God on a Sunday feeds not just our souls; it can nourishes the discouraged neighbor in the pew next to us.  Regular exposure to the Gospel transforms our week into a time and place, where God can work through us to make the world a better place.

September is a “homecoming month” for everyone who has been otherwise occupied through the summer months.  I hope you will find yourself in worship, this Sunday, returning to a more regular pattern of attendance, since this is how you will be helped to grow your faith, and how you may encourage others who need God, too.

In preparation for growth and discovery, we have launched a new series focused upon “Spiritual Practices”.  We hope you will make it to worship often to build upon this theme, and gain insights and practice into how to put the Grace of God to work your life.

Please keep in mind the following dates as you plan your week’s attendance in worship at Mountain View and focus on the things of God.

August 26 – MOUNTAIN VIEW Ministry Fair

September 2 — Labor Day Weekend & Holy Communion

September 9 – Invite a Friend & ICE CREAM SUNDAY

Mountain View UMC

We believe you will be impressed by the passion, authenticity and diversity of this sacred community.