Wherever God Leads – February 2017

Wherever God Leads – February 2017

“Following God’s path, you will find that it is frequently narrow, and always UPHILL.”  Henry Eyring

This space is reserved for me to share a few thoughts on our direction and purpose as a church. As the quote above states, I frequently find myself straining to respond to God while following a narrow, unsteady incline. It only gets harder, I find, if I am responding at a frenzied pace. This frenzy seems the norm today in our culture of agitation, so I am trying to tread at a different pace.

In the next months, the elected and appointed leaders of Mountain View will be focused on recasting the goals set by Mountain View in 2011. The church is a dynamic community, and some things have changed since I was first appointed your Senior Pastor. In so many ways, our shared ministry is hitting its stride, with many things to cheer us and celebrate. Still, on any journey, it is good to check the compass now and again.

Specifically, we are asking at a high level in the next few years:

  • What core values do we wish to project to others as sacred community?
  • Where should we direct your gifts and efforts through Mountain View for maximum effect?
  • Who is our target audience for this ministry of Jesus Christ?
  • How will refocusing goals alter our programming, resources and staffing?
  • How do we create the conditions for success? How is it to be measured?
  • Who are our partners and allies in accomplishing our goals?

At a deep level, these are the kinds of questions Mountain View leaders will be asking of you at the direction of our Lay Leader, Bill Good and others. While keeping in mind that one never focuses just on the members we already have, what spiritual and practical needs do you see around you that Mountain View could help address? Where do you want to grow in your knowledge and faith? Who do you want to invite to join you in Christian worship, study, and service? Toward answering these sorts of questions, we are developing a comprehensive survey, requiring your input. Ultimately, our action plan will serve to sharpen our ministry focus and capitalize on our strengths. We desire to increase our opportunities to impact people’s lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while transforming the world with God’s Grace.

I hope this season of Epiphany is leading you on a fruitful journey. Together, we are striving to discover God’s will for us, our world, and this sacred community. Today, I resolve to take this path at God’s unhurried pace.

Love and Grace to You In Christ’s Name,

Pastor Steve

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