Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

After summer comes fall — lower temperatures, fewer hours of light in the day, and often the sniffles. It seems during this season we need a bit of a boost more often than in others.

A few months ago I subscribed to a mailing list entitled Unfolding Light. I have found the daily meditations by Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes to be both challenging and inspiring. He finds ways to make me think and reflect during my daily activities, and I’ve found my interactions with people to be more deep and meaningful. I can understand people better. Indeed, his writings are a light in my life. Perhaps you may also enjoy these short daily offerings. You can subscribe as I did through Pastor Steve’s website:

At Mountain View I see many ways that people are being boosted from their seasonal malaise or lifted from dark and troubling times. Among them is the opportunity to come together to give thanks. Our worship time is special at Mountain View — by coming to service each Sunday you can tell that a lot of thought and preparation goes into our worship. It is the most obvious way to bring a sense of community to everyone who comes, in order that we can go forth from our church services inspired to do God’s necessary work in the world.

Just last night while sitting on the couch next to the warm fireplace I mentioned to my husband Fred that we have each other, a comfortable home, a loving cat and dog — much to be grateful for. How can I share that sense of gratitude with others? I have my church and the joyous and thoughtful times with great music and an inspiring messages coming up this season for young folks and adults alike.

I wish you and those you love all the brightest light and deepest hope for a joyous and meaningful season.

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