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Simplified Accountable Leadership Board Begins

At a special church conference on February 16, the congregation approved moving to a Simplified Accountable Leadership Board (The Board). The Board will consist of 9-12 members. The Board will fulfill the functions of the Board of Trustees, the Staff Parish Relations Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Church Council. The Board will focus on the vision of the Mt. View, working with the pastor and the Ministry Team Council. The Ministry Team Council will be composed of the chairs of all of the program committees in the church(for example: worship, radical hospitality, and intentional faith development.) A new committee, Building and Grounds Care will be created to cover the maintenance work for the facility and the grounds.

Board Covenant

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Mt. View Board Covenant


For all board business such as action items, reports, requests, please contact: jacowell at yahoo dot com

Listing of Officers

2021 Officers:

  • Andy Cowell – Chair
  • Bill Good- Vice Chair
  • Jean Bowen – Lay Leader
  • Bonnie Strand – Secretary
  • Kris Flewelling – Treasurer

Class of 2021:

  • Jean Bowen
  • Bonnie Strand
  • Stephen Williams

Class of 2022:

  • Andy Cowell
  • Kris Flewelling
  • Bill Good

Class of 2023

  • Bruce Fest
  • Vicki Kaplan
  • Belinda Strickland


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