The work of the Mountain View UMC Inclusivity Committee

Beginning September 2017 at Mountain View UMC, our Church Council approved a new Inclusivity Committee. The committee’s purpose was to address controversy locally and in the larger UMC surrounding gender identity and the role and status of LBGTQ individuals in the church through the framework of the Wesley Quadrilateral — Reason, Experience, Tradition, and Scripture.

Over the course of a year, we covered the pillars of tradition and experience in small groups sessions. Then, we had a biologist, a sociologist and a psychologist from the University of Colorado on a panel addressing the latest developments and knowledge in their respective fields on sexuality and gender. That was the pillar on reason. Finally, the Inclusivity Committee addressed the final and important pillar of Scripture with three Methodist pastors discussing what Scripture says about sexuality through the lenses of a “traditionalist” view, a “compatibilist” view, and a “progressive” view.

Resources on this page are presented to aid in the discernment process for others who are addressing these important questions.

To download the audio of the Scriptural panel, click here.

The Proposal to the Church Council to Commission an Inclusivity Committee

Download (PDF, 45KB)

Listen to the discussion of "What does Scripture say about sexuality?" on Youtube

Pastor Emily Hagan’s Presentation Representing the “Compatibilist” view

Scroll through Pastor Emily’s accompanying slideshow representing the Compatibilist view

Transcript of Pastor Joel Kershaw’s presentation representing the “Traditionalist” view

Download (PDF, 147KB)

Archived Articles from The Messenger detailing the work of the Inclusivity Committee

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Materials from Pastor Harvey Martz, Representing the “Progressive” view

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  • The General Conference Special Session was exceptionally painful. We mourn for our LGBTQIA siblings and their families and want them to know that this church is a home for ALL God’s Children.
  • Regardless of the outcome, United Methodist Churches remain rich in theological diversity with churches that are conservative, moderate, and progressive.
  • We remain committed to full inclusion of our LGBTQIA siblings. They are part of the body; we will not cut off a part of the body.
  • Our commitment to diversity is biblical, deeply rooted in Scripture and our Wesleyan tradition.
  • We are not going anywhere, and we are eager to continue our mission and ministry

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