Help Bring Dignity Not Detention to Our Neighbors

Help Bring Dignity Not Detention to Our Neighbors

You are invited to help some of God’s children live a life of respect and community by assisting a group of people of faith pass a Colorado bill in 2023 that gives people Dignity Not Detention.

Colorado is home to too many for-profit immigrant detention centers, and these detention centers historically have been involved in implementing unsafe and inhumane practices. For-profit means that the businesses that run these detention centers are working to make money, not working for the people who are escaping violence and fear in their home countries.

Dignity Not Detention is a bill that will limit the number of for-profit detention centers to the current number (no more growth), and it will end the practice of the detention center of using our county jails to house their over-capacity. To thrive and live in peace, immigrants need to be outside of these detention centers and living amongst their community. As Christians, we know that immigrants are part of our Beloved Community. We all, no matter where we come from, deserve to live in an environment that nurtures their growth and wholeness. Being held in detention limits that growth.

All the work on this bill can be done virtually, however there will be options to meet “in real life” as well.  Contact Oscar Hernandez ( if you want to help or have any questions, and tell him “Trudy sent you.”

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We believe you will be impressed by the passion, authenticity and diversity of this sacred community.