May 2021 Simplified Accountable Leadership Board Report

May 2021 Simplified Accountable Leadership Board Report

May 2021 Simplified Accountable Leadership Board Report by Bonnie Strand

The Board continues to work toward replacing the flooring in the Sanctuary. We have approved in concept a ramp to access the altar area for those with special mobility needs, resurfacing the existing altar area and replacing the sanctuary carpet. Our procurement policy recommends three bids for any major spending, so we have a subcommittee of the Board working towards getting these bids for all the projects. The ramp and altar resurfacing must be completed prior to the main floor work. We have learned about slip-resistance in flooring, and if a vinyl product is selected it will have high slip-resistance. There are samples in Stephanie’s office of such a product. Construction will be scheduled as soon as possible after final decisions are made. The intent would be to finish in the summer so that if necessary, we could worship outdoors comfortably if the sanctuary were briefly unavailable. Funds for this work are coming from the Building Reserve Fund held at the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation (new name for the Mountain Sky Foundation). We continue to listen to congregational feedback.


  • The Board celebrates the selection of the Care Team as this year’s Quiet Disciple award winner! This group has provided quiet service to so many in need. They will be honored at an upcoming worship service; thank you, Care Team members!  
  • Mountain View United Methodist Church was recognized as a Platinum Donor with our Mountain Sky Conference of the UMC. We received a certificate in April for completing our 2020 10% monthly Mission Shares, including submitting our 2020 monthly remittance reports by Susie Burley and Laura Winberg and completing the full 2020 Apportionments amount asked of our church. The total amount of the missional gifts we provided in 2020 are $51,225.
  • Our PPP loan, taken out in 2020, was 100% forgiven. This was expected for some time but forgiveness was finalized in April.
  • The Permanent Endowment fund value exceeded $500,000 in May for the first time ever. Thank you to many generous donors!
  • Have you ever noticed how urgent matters in your own lives can compete with important matters?  We have been disappointed that matters such as COVID restrictions and the Sanctuary flooring discussions have taken away time from visioning for our church’s future. Now that COVID restrictions are beginning to lift and we are closer to a decision on flooring, we look forward to spending more time visioning our future.

Between meetings, we are completing Stephanie’s annual review as required by the Conference. In addition to devotions, communication and decisions that are needed, over the summer the Board will:

Plan and conduct a Board Review exercise, including congregational input (this was a commitment made to the congregation when the Board was created);

Receive additional training on church financial organization and the nature and purpose of the many funds held by the church; and

Receive a report from the Policies subcommittee on conflict of interest, drug & alcohol and church employee policies. We are collecting all church policies in one central location, updating as needed, so that they will be readily available to all.

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