May Outreach Activities

May Outreach Activities

May Outreach Activities

Before COVID became a reality, May was the month we encouraged Mountain View members to collect items for Health Care kits that could be put together at church and then delivered to the UMCOR Center in Salt Lake City during Annual Conference for distribution to those in need when emergencies arise.

This year, we no longer have the UMCOR site in Salt Lake and Annual Conference will again be held by Zoom. But, the need for health kits continues.

The Outreach team is encouraging families to either collect items for health kits and drop them off in the bin outside the front door at the church, or plan a family activity and put together some Health Kits and drop them off at the church in the bin.

We will work to distribute the kits to those in need locally and abroad in the coming months. Go Mountain View! Let’s grow some health kits along with flowers in May!

Health Kit

  • Lay a hand towel out flat
  • Lay an open washcloth on the towel
  • Place these 5 items on top:
  • Toothbrush, comb, nail clippers, band-aids, soap
  • Fold the washcloth and towel over them.
  • Roll it up!
  • Place it into a gallon bag, squeeze out the air and seal it.
  • Money for toothpaste is also appreciated!

Also, for May and June, Mt. View members are encouraged to join with BUMMP (our mission partner team with the other area Methodist churches)

Cal-Wood is an educational non-profit camp that has connected more than 130,000 kids and families with nature. Most of the students in Boulder Valley schools have attended a camp there with their 5th grade class. The CalWood fire in the summer of 2020 burnt more than half of the 1200-acre facility.

BUMMP is partnering with Cal-Wood to help with the restoration. Cal-Wood staff will guide volunteers through projects to develop erosion control barriers, reseeding grasses, planting trees, rebuilding bridges and picnic benches, rebuilding trails, and more!  


BUMMP Volunteer Days at Cal-Wood             

May 1 (9-4); May 4 (9-4); May 15-16 (overnight group) or (9-4 daily);    

June 15-16 (overnight group) or (9-4 daily); June 19 (9-4)

Day events are for teens and adults. Families with children younger than 13 are welcome to come to attend the overnight sessions. Cal-Wood welcomes those attending the overnight dates to bring their camping gear and camp at the facility! 

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