The Mountain Sky Conference is Working on Our Climate Emergency!

The Mountain Sky Conference is Working on Our Climate Emergency!

The Mountain Sky Conference is Working on Our Climate Emergency!

by Mary Beth Downing

The Creation Justice Task Force, created two years ago by Bishop Oliveto, has written a petition that will be voted on at the June annual conference in Colorado Springs! Here are some of the main points:

“BE IT RESOLVED That all local churches in the Mountain Sky Conference should create a Green Team or strengthen an existing team focused on the care of creation. Green teams can focus initiatives in four areas: Worship, Education, Practice, and Advocacy — providing children, youth, and adults of all ages with inspiration, knowledge, encouragement, and practical means for caring for creation and justice.  These actions include:

WORSHIP: Celebrating God’s grace, glory, and beauty in creation and connecting creation cares and justice to the scriptural call to love God and neighbor.

EDUCATION: For the congregation and/or community, related to some aspect of creation and care and justice.

PRACTICE: Positive changes in the church life and/or to the church building or grounds.

ADVOCATE: For change in systems that perpetuate injustice and harm creation and communities either locally, regionally, nationally, or globally.

That creation care and justice should be lifted up in all areas of ministry and mission including preaching, liturgy, communications, education, outreach, and advocacy so that the church will become an increasingly effective witness of loving God and neighbor in the gift of creation.”

There were over 260 signatures gathered in support of this petition across all four states of our conference. The vote will help open the door for discussion and meaningful actions in every United Methodist church of our conference. We are excited about this possibility. Want to learn more and/or be part of this work? Email to  or check out the website at

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