Not just surviving this winter, but finding ways to grow

Not just surviving this winter, but finding ways to grow

The winter months stretch out before us, and while Christmas is a bright note in the midst of the cold, dark season, at times winter can seem to stretch out for too long. Throughout Advent we wait for the coming of the Messiah, we celebrate his birth, and then settle into a bit of gloom. What helps you through the winter months? Travel, reading, exercise, trying something new? I hope you will get many opportunities to explore new ways of being in this winter.

I find myself waiting for Easter, or at least Lent, so we can begin the season of lightening. Lent doesn’t begin until Feb 22, 2023. At church, as we planned into 2023, I began to look forward to the time between these “High Holy” seasons. There are many activities planned, and you can read about those in other articles.

Worship will lead us to some interesting scripture areas as we look at the Sermon on the Mount with a focus on the Beatitudes. Before Lent we will shift to looking at an Epistle. Both of these topics will help us grow in the new year. I will be offering a book study based on Richard Rohr’s book, Jesus’ Alternative Plan: The Sermon on the Mount (see below). I always look forward to learning together. This book will help us grow not just intellectually, but spiritually. I am excited to attend the youth Mystery Dinner, make a new directory, hear exciting musical opportunities, and learn about ways to engage in the community. I am committed to not just surviving this winter, but finding ways to grow, be enriched, and thrive, and I hope you will join me.

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