Plans for Indoor Building Use in 2021

Plans for Indoor Building Use in 2021

Plans for Indoor Building Use in 2021

By Bonnie Strand, Relaunch Committee

We are all looking forward to being back together, aren’t we?  

Pastor Stephanie, staff, and the reLaunch team have carefully considered when to come back into the building for weekly worship, weighing factors such as the anticipated COVID-19 vaccination schedule, the weather, and wanting to set something we can stick with as long as conditions allow.

The plan for the next few months: 

Now through Memorial Day: 

  • Continue current practice of outdoor communion service (weather permitting) first Sunday of the month, and online each week. 

Holy Week: 

  • Outdoor service for Maundy Thursday
  • Friday sanctuary open for private prayer
  • Stations of the Cross and Easter Vigil on Saturday evening
  • Two outdoor services on Easter 
  • An online Easter Service

June – August: 

  • Twice-a-month outdoor worship (full services) with online worship other Sundays. Produce a recording of outdoor worship as the online offering for those weeks.

After Labor Day: 

  • Worship back in the Sanctuary with two Sunday morning services. 

We are welcoming small groups back into the building, with precautions. Please schedule your group with James at He can provide you with a set of guidelines. Some group members may not feel ready to come back into the building, for example, prior to members being vaccinated, so carefully consider this decision. Zoom meetings are still encouraged.

If you have feedback for the reLaunch team, please reach out to one of these team members:

Stephanie Kidwell, Brian du Fresne, Larissa Hoffman, Michael Shor, James Clements, Andy Cowell, Paul McClung, Lynne Pierce, Bonnie Strand

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