Report from the Lay Leadership Committee

Has your phone been surprisingly quiet this Fall? Are you missing the regular calls from your Nominating Committee requesting (begging for) your three-year commitment to join an administrative committee of the church? Do not fear…we still need you! In line with the church-wide theme for 2020 to “Envision the Best Mountain View UMC”, your Nominating Committee on Lay Leadership is focused on developing leaders to execute the mission of the church rather than just filling spots on the same structured committees.

To that end, the Lay Leadership Committee is investigating a Simplified Accountable Church Board structure that could perform the administrative functions (Church Council, Finance, Trustees, and SPPRC) of the church. Combined, we have about 35 members serving on these 4 committees. A Simplified Accountable Board could encompass all 4 functions in a single committee of 9-13 people that meets monthly. This would enable an additional 20-25 members to participate in the program and mission work of the church. The Board could address issues more efficiently without waiting weeks for all the necessary committees to meet. Monthly meetings would also provide the opportunity to maintain momentum in executing the vision of the church.

The Lay Leadership Committee unanimously agreed this structure is worth additional consideration and that the idea should be presented to Church Council and the congregation. We will have a short presentation following each worship service on November 10th and a presentation to Church Council on November 19th. Please come hear more about this exciting model for efficient, effective, and accountable church leadership. This change is something we will need to consider carefully, but potentially offers the opportunity to get more people involved with the mission and ministry of the Church instead of just attending committee meetings.

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