Searching for Jesus this Lent

Searching for Jesus this Lent

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Searching for Jesus this Lent

February often feels like the depth of winter. We are ready for Spring and the promises of new light to be here, but yet winter drags on. We have been focusing on winter festivals of light in worship to help drive out some of the darkness. We will complete that series on Valentine’s Day. 

February 17 begins the season of Lent, with Ash Wednesday. Lent is from word lencten, meaning “spring season”. So, while we are leaving the series of light, we will begin searching for the lengthening of light as we move through Lent. Lent is a time of preparation for Easter. For Lent we will be studying the Gospel texts from the lectionary and seeking to see Jesus. 

John 12:21 tells us that the crowd approaches the disciple Phillip, and says, “Sir, we would see Jesus.” I would challenge you this Lenten season to see Jesus. That will require you to be open to encountering Jesus. Where will you look? What will it look like? You might find Jesus in some unexpected places. It can be difficult to look for Jesus in the actions of people we don’t agree with. Jesus teaches us how to find him in unexpected places. 

This Lent, instead of giving up some, I encourage you to join me in adding something: searching for Jesus. Maybe in the midst of this search we will not only see Jesus, but be the place others see Jesus!

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