Summer Worship & Arts

Summer Worship & Arts

As the school year winds down and summer comes upon us, there are new opportunities in the coming months to worship and celebrate together. 

Summer Worship

You’ll see elsewhere in this newsletter the details of our summer worship schedule – I hope you’ll take note of the service time of 10:00 am. While Pastor Stephanie is on well-deserved renewal/sabbatical leave, you will not want to miss our guest preachers. Each Sunday will be thematically tied to a revival of last year’s very successful Summer Psalms series. There will be something for everyone! I’d like to bring special attention to our Second Sunday Outdoor services. We’ll meet outside on the lawn for worship (bring your lawn chairs!) for a casual and meaningful service in the fresh air. Of note in July, Skip Strickland and Gaynor Nelson will lead the outdoor service with a selection of music and scripture with a message – it will be something to remember, I’m sure!

Community Music Events at Mt. View

Many arts and music organizations are realizing what a wonderful place Mountain View is to perform in! With our improved acoustics in the Sanctuary, as well as the flexibility of the seating and a large, open, and flexible chancel area, groups like Colorado MahlerFest, Boulder Philharmonic, Ars Nova Singers, Boulder Chorale and Children’s Choir, the Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra, Pro Musica Colorado, Boulder Suzuki Strings, and other organizations have all committed to performing in our space next season. What an honor to host them all, and it’s a great opportunity for you to experience professional art and music in our very own space. But it’s also wonderful for the local community to come into our church and see what we offer. It is a symbiotic relationship indeed between the church and community, and it warms my heart when the community can come together for the arts in as wonderful a space as ours is. 

Staff Update

On a bit of a sad note, you’ve probably heard that my wonderful music colleague Luke Musgrave, our excellent piano accompanist, will be moving to Minneapolis this summer. He and Sarah Beck will be relocating so that Sarah can enter into the Ph.D. program in political science. Congratulations to Sarah, and we wish both Sarah and Luke all the best in their new endeavors. Luke’s last Sunday with us will be June 26. We will all miss them both!

I look forward to continued great music and worship experiences at Mountain View, and I hope for your continued support and involvement in all the programs we have. If you’d like to sing in the choir or ring bells, there will be occasional opportunities during the summer. Remember, the door is always open!

Mountain View UMC

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