Together Colorado Voting Suggestions

Together Colorado Voting Suggestions

Together Colorado Voting Suggestions

Our faith teaches us about the importance of caring for our communities, protecting future generations, and standing up against injustice. We are working urgently with other local people of faith on two initiatives to ensure that our Colorado communities have the funding to support programs and services we all need and deserve, like schools, parks, roads, community centers, and other communal projects our families rely on to thrive. This is a cause which is consistent with the core tenets of our faith.

This election, we have two opportunities to defend the funding our Colorado communities need to flourish:

OPPOSE Initiative 121: A tax cut for only the wealthiest Coloradans which would remove $400 million from the state budget needed to support programs and services like schools, parks, roads, and community centers.

SUPPORT Prop GG:  A measure that would give every voter a simple, easy-to-understand guide on their ballot to help them understand the tax implications of what they are voting on.

Interested in getting involved with Together Colorado’s campaigns this election? Learn more here: More information about Proposition GG and Initiative 121, as well as several other statewide ballot measures, is available at, or contact Pua Aki at or 720-318-7190.

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