Welcome back to Christ’s Carousel!

Welcome back to Christ’s Carousel!

Welcome back to Christ’s Carousel!

Everyone is invited to join us on September 12 as we welcome back Christ’s Carousel, our Sunday School program for kids, preschool through 5th grade!

Our lessons are taught using a variety of materials over a multi-week session.  Each week kids get to explore our Bible lessons through stories, games, art, music, science, movies, and more!  The repetition and multi-sensory approach ensures that kids are better able to understand and remember the stories and lessons that are presented.  

Kids will begin each week with an introduction or review of the lesson and a chance to sing and dance. Following that we head into workshops to really dive into our lessons.  Our workshops include: Sunday Morning Live (stories and games), Joyful Jams and Science Lab (music and science), Art in Heaven (art activities), and MasterPeace Theater (movies).  

We will be exploring the following Bible lessons this fall:

Session 1: New Beginnings with Abraham and Sarah (Sept 12-Oct 10)

Session 2: The wisdom of King Solomon (Oct 17-Nov 14)

Session 3: Christmas! (Nov 21-Dec 19)

Everyone can be a part of Christ’s Carousel!  We need leaders and helpers each week! Lesson plans and materials are provided. 

To sign up, just let Larissa know!  Commitments are made for one week at a time, and you get to choose which workshop you would like to lead!

Why should you be a part of Christ’s Carousel?

You’ll experience Bible stories in all new ways

You’ll connect with our youngest church goers, building relationships with children and their families

You’ll explore your own ideas of faith as you interact with kids who are in the process of defining what faith means to them

You’ll see, feel, and share God’s amazing love

Let me know how you can be a part of Christ’s Carousel! 

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