This Year’s Quiet Disciple Award: The Mt. View UMC Care Team

Mt. View is pleased to nominate the Care Team for the Quiet Disciple(s) Award.

In this year of tumult, our Care Team has ensured that our congregation has felt included. This year has been one of separation and the Care Team, under the leadership of Connie Balazs, has been in contact with the full congregation as well as specific members long-term. They understood early on that this time of COVID would require more, and they did more.

As with many churches in our District, we’ve needed to find new ways to do the business of church. The Care Team took their business of caring to new heights.

Their attention to every detail and deep compassion demonstrated their love of God, of their church, and their neighbors. This team demonstrated that caring does take skill, as well as empathy, and tenacity. The Care Team nurtured the congregation in large ways such as a YouTube memorial service as well as in a myriad of small ones — weekly (and, sometimes daily) phone calls, checking in, and demonstrating the care that Mt. View wants to connect and provide.

The compassion, patience, and tact displayed by this team is extraordinary in normal times and was fully demonstrated over this time of COVID.

The Mt. View Care Team:

  • Prayed – utilizing the Mt. View Care Team Prayer Chain.
  • Mailed prayer letters and uplifting cards.
  • Crafted gift bags quarterly and for special events.
  • Delivered a cupcake and handmade card. In a typical year this groups serves a luncheon for all of the Mt. View 90+ years young members – this year, they made house calls with goodies.
  • Reach out to military and college students of Mt. View with handmade cards and gift cards.
  • Handmade cards and angels. In a typical year this group sponsors the Blue Christmas Worship Service and Dinner- this year they delivered handmade cards and angels.
  • Shepherds the entire congregation with a call or email once a quarter.
  • Ensure those without internet receive Mt. View communications.
  • Helped those with internet issues maintain their connections.

The Care Team members are always on-hand with a meal, a card, a gift to raise the spirits of the Mt. View members – especially during this last year with the challenges faced by our most vulnerable. 

The Care Team worked with other groups at Mt. View and helped individuals get acclimated with all the online church we did during Covid. Because of their efforts, the individuals that were most home-bound were able to connect with the Pastor, the Music, the Worship of Mt. View.

Our Care Team demonstrated the way for the rest of Mt. View to care with respect. It is a privilege, as Lay Leader of Mt. View, to nominate the Care Team for the Quiet Disciple Award. True to the word of God, they have made sure that the “least of these” have been included during an incredibly difficult time at Mt. View, in the nation, and internationally.

Mountain View UMC

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