Sarah’s Reflections – November 2016

Sarah’s Reflections – November 2016

Webale nyo! Thank you very much!

This community supported the African Children Choir with gusto and generosity. I want to give a huge thank you to our host families who cared for the choir kids and chaperons for three nights.  Likewise, for all those who helped with ushering, product table and the evening meal, the efforts would abundant and wonderful. We had enough food to feed the choir for two more days!  Overall, the stay was a huge success and the concert raised over $3,000 for the choir plus extra with merchandise.  Those are the numbers, but the impact of this concert with stick with many of us for a long time. When I was 13 I heard the choir and decided then and there I would tour with them so 10 years later, I was Auntie Sarah.  I pray for all of you who will support the choir for years to come or sponsor a child or perhaps even go on tour as Auntie or Uncle in years!

Dear Diary…

Our theme of story this year has called me to redouble my efforts to journal, write down thoughts and inspirations of the daily moments, and record prayers that at some future time, I might see how these prayers changed me and revealed the character of God.

Would you like to join me in capturing our stories on paper with word and picture?

Would you like to journal for a season with me? Perhaps with a nice book and cool pen, you can capture stories, especially the simple ones, that elude you or with the gadget in your hand, social media can provide a space to share a piece of your story. Can you share a story of the day, a surprise, a thanksgiving, a plot twist in 140 characters or a great picture? In the coming months I want to practice together for it is a spiritual discipline to reflect on our daily moments and see God presence.

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