4 Million lbs. of clothes packed & boxed for 4 Corners Native American Ministry

4 Million lbs. of clothes packed & boxed for 4 Corners Native American Ministry

4 million lbs may be a slight exaggeration, but it certainly seemed like that amount! To be more accurate, without a scale or measuring tape on hand, when finished with these initial stages of the project, we have 23+ really big boxes. They are neatly stacked away in a closet off Barker Hall.

Then what? Well, on August 5 after the 10:30 am service, we will be asking for help transferring those 23+ boxes from the closet to Paul McClung’s waiting truck. We are thankful to have an elevator. Like last year, Paul will be kind enough to take the load of treasures to RAC Transport, in Commerce City.

Do we pay for shipping? No, thankfully not. Mike Coffman, General Manager of this shipping company, ships our load for free as a gesture of goodwill. Needless to say, if we had to pay to ship 23+ big boxes, it wouldn’t be possible. So if you have any shipping needs, please consider RAC Transport (303) 289-4500 in Commerce City. They have generously helped us for many years.

Who did all of this? Who are these superhuman individuals who dug through, sorted according to size and appropriateness, then lovingly packed mountains of gently used donated clothing and shoes? In order of appearance they are: Linda Hunsberger, Adam Fortin, Vicki Kaplan, Betty Youngblood, Cheryl Runyon, Dick Habighorst, Diane Schumpert, Martha Swanson, Doris Turner and myself, Jane Rivette. Thank you, Lee Cortelyou for a fresh supply of boxes. Gigantic thanks to everyone for your help!

If you forgot to bring your donations of treasured, used clothing, please take them to GoodWill or Salvation Army yourself until next June of 2019. We have extensive plans for our limited space in the Outreach storage closet such as school supplies for Crayons 2 Calculators, coffee and chocolate for Fair Trade Sales, decorations for the Advent Market, tampons and socks for Attention Homes, and more. That is our current collection. There is much more to come. You rock, Mountain View! Thank you so much for your support.

Mountain View UMC

We believe you will be impressed by the passion, authenticity and diversity of this sacred community.