Looking Ahead in Music

Looking Ahead in Music

Greetings to you and your loved ones, members and friends of Mountain View!

By the time you read this newsletter, many of the musicians of the church will have met via Zoom to fellowship and reconnect, and to discuss and plan for what music and worship going forward will be at Mountain View. I hope and pray that we can all be together again soon, but we must be practical and careful. Until that time, we will worship together weekly online. We will meet virtually to share music and words appropriate to the season. We will hold each other up while apart, and pray for each other until we can be face to face in worship. And we will also be continuing with limited outdoor worship.

Our monthly outdoor communion service is generally attended by over fifty people, and we hope you will consider joining us on the first Sunday of the month. Of course, we will hope for good weather, but Pastor Stephanie and I and the staff are committed to being there for all of you, light rain or shine! This is not a complete service, and I encourage everyone to not only come to our outdoor offering, but also make a point to spend time on Sunday (or any day of the week!) viewing our full worship service, complete with hymns, a full sermon, special music, readings, and everything that makes for a wonderful worship service.

Looking ahead, in December I plan to pull together choirs and bells to be an active part of our outdoor Christmas eve services (yes, we’re going to try it!). Let me know that you want to be a part of that. I would love also to have an online offering of our virtual choir and soloists offering special music. Our Head 4 Home musicians are an important part of music here at the church, and so having as much involvement with as many groups as possible in upcoming events is a high priority.

Please let me know any thoughts you have on music at Mountain View. Share with me that you would like to join the music team to offer special music for our online services. Help me update our choir library resources by volunteering to do data entry, organizing files, updating music resources. There are many opportunities for everyone, beginners or professionals!

Blessing to all of you as we continue our journey!

Mountain View UMC

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