Intentional Faith Development

Adult Faith Development (change to Intentional Faith Development)

Blurb: IFD supports an environment that allows for faith development across generations, including small groups, dinner and a movie, Adult Sunday School, and more.


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Consider challenging yourself and growing in your faith. Mountain View offers a number of possibilities which speak to many different interests and approaches. Whether you enjoy reading alone and discussing or just listening to a lecture and discussion, Mountain View offers a wide range of choices for growth. Please consider joining us in your spiritual journey.

However, these are not the only choices that you have: keep an eye on the weekly bulletin and our monthly publication The Messenger for other opportunities throughout the year including Advent and Lenten studies, UMW short term studies, and new classes. In fact, if you have an idea or a hankering to explore some aspect of our Christian faith, we are always looking for new ways to challenge and grow in our faith, so contact the Church Office.


Opportunities for Spiritual Growth:

  • Adult Forum: 9:00 am Sundays, Frasier South. Please join the light-hearted Adult Forum. Questions —  please contact Carol Forbes,
  • Lively Latté: 9:15 am Sundays, Room 208. Bible study and world news; drop in/come and go; spending time on Bible Study in order to “see” God in our society’s week-by-week happenings. We have a good time working on “Open Minds, Open Doors, Open Hearts.” We also grind our own coffee fresh each week, organic and fair trade!
  • S&OS: 9:00 am Sundays, Frasier North. Discussion about last week’s sermon and other issues of interest.
  • Wednesday Night Women: This group meets the first Wednesday of the Month at 6:30. Please contact Connie Balazs, 303-666-1842, or Carol Forbes, 303-665-4104.   
  • Women of the Word (WOW): 10:15 am, 2nd Sunday of each month, Flatirons Room 205. Join us for a lively conversation, laughter and support of one another. We also use the ALIVE Now booklets available across from the Church Office as discussion materials.
  • Men’s Study: Meets 2nd & 4th Sunday mornings, 10:15 to 11:30 am. For questions, please contact Andy Cowell,
  • Transformation Group:  9:30 am alternating scheduled Wednesdays, Flatirons Room 205. This companions in Christ small study group is seasoned with love, contemplation, and laughter. For details, please contact Toni Gray at
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