Mission Memories from SE Colorado & Home Again

Mission Memories from SE Colorado & Home Again

Mission Memories from SE Colorado & Home Again

Four full days of work, learning, traveling and playing found the mission team with full hearts, impacted deeply by all we encountered. Southern Colorado opened our eyes to the incredible history and beautiful people. The team built worked hard, learned about the events at the Sand Creek Massacre site, Camp Amache, and Los Pobres, and played at the Great Sand Dunes.  Four youth and six adults grew together as a team- the Fast and the Furious team- in all they did, care they offered, and worlds they discovered. Thank you for your support and prayers in this impactful experience.

“I liked helping the communities in Colorado that needed help especially La Veta with all the fire damage. It was really fun being with the youth and people from the congregation.” –Carter Kirkpatrick, 7th grade

“I learned that we can accomplish a ton of things in a short amount of time with a team that has the same beliefs and encouragement and tenacity. It is a lot more fun.” – Natalie Schoettger, 8th grade

“It was a very fulfilling experience to get to help out, not just building the retaining wall and putting straw down in the forest but also in going to the historic sites of the Amache Detention Camp and the Sand Creek Massacre. I was nice being able to bring the spirit of God and support all of the people who were involved.” –Zoe Wagner, 8th grade

“There were so many new experiences for me between experiencing forest fire damage first hand and learning about the history of our state. I had a great time. It was a blast to bond with members of the congregation that we may not see or talk to a lot.” –Emily Schoettger, 10th grade

“I am grateful for the ways each of us who went and the people we met are caring for one another with their gifts and passions. Community members and the mission team were providing space for healing, joy through music, doing hard work, and playing in the sand. We matter to each other.” –Pastor Sarah

“There is nothing like a mission trip for building caring, loving, and supportive relationships among team members as we learn, work, and play together. This inter-generational mission trip was a well-organized, informative experience that balanced work and play. A trip that will always be a fond memory!

We (youth and adults) engaged in a variety of work projects where we were able to learn on the job about ways to help others in need and develop an appreciation of their plight.

Our youth proved to be hard workers dedicated to doing each job well – whether building a retention wall, helping to restore a burned forest floor to avoid soil erosion, packing beans and rice, cooking, cleaning up, playing, etc. I appreciated each and every person on the trip.” -Vicki Kaplan

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