Missionary Updates: Mozart is Moving On

Missionary Updates: Mozart is Moving On

We are so grateful for our past years’ affiliation with Mozart Adevu, our covenant missionary in Ghana. He does outstanding work improving the lives of many, many people throughout Ghana and surrounding african countries. However, the Global Board of Ministries is discontinuing missionary work in Ghana. 

Never done working!  Mozart has created his own NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) named ECASAG (Environmental Concerns & Sustainable Agriculture Group. It is in the infancy stage with the following objectives: 

1. Improving the environment and ensuring food security in Ghana and other african countries.

2. Helping other organizations working on environmental issues and sustainable agriculture.

Not only does Mozart single-handedly grow moringa, keeps bees, continues ongoing livestock programs and much more, but he teaches others to do the same miracles all over Africa.

Although he will no longer be our covenant missionary at the end of June, you may still contribute to his worthy cause through our church office.

We are proud to introduce Fatuma Kutela. She is a hard working agriculturist in W. Angola. She is struggling to support UMC former pastor’s widows and local populations through vegetable production. They have high hopes of raising indigenous chickens and someday,  pigs. However, they are plagued by little available water and saving for a well which would cost an outrageous amount of money.

The Outreach Committee has chosen her to be our new dedicated missionary. Please join us in doing what we can to help this well-meaning, desperately needed helper. Stay tuned for future stories as we enjoy her efforts.

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