This Year at VBS

This Year at VBS

At Roar VBS, kids spent the week celebrating that God is good!! We heard Bible stories, explored science activities, laughed and ran our way through games on the front lawn, used a variety of materials to create reminders of our lessons, and praised God with catchy songs and energetic dance moves! Each day gave us a new Bible point, reminding us that when life is unfair or scary, when life changes, or when life is sad, God is good!

Our small group time introduced kids to five Bible stories. We heard parables about vineyard workers and lost sons, learned about Daniel’s faith helping him inside the lion’s den, followed Abraham and Sarah as they left their home and followed God, and celebrated the power of the Holy Spirit as we heard about Pentecost. Our small group time concluded each day with prayers. Everyone received their own prayer notebook — with fuzzy animal print covers! In these notebooks we wrote and drew prayers, sharing with God whatever was in our hearts.

Our workshop activities built on our small group lessons. In science, we used the sun to create images, reminding us that when things seem dark and scary we can look for God’s light around us everyday. Our music time found us singing “I will not be afraid,” “leaning on the everlasting God”, and “I’m trusting you”. During art, we decorated blank puzzles with drawings of ourselves to remind us that when we feel broken and sad, God can bring peace to our hearts and help put us back together. ” In games we played “Elephant Soccer,” “Pass the Lion,” and “Savannah Stampede.” Each day promised new ways to learn, explore, create, and play!

Each year we encourage the kids to participate in a mission project. This year our focus was Heifer International, an organization that helps families in impoverished communities around the world by supplying them with animals. These animals become a source of income, help with labor, provide nutrients and promote better health, and more. By Friday, VBS families raised over $500, and the kids voted to gift a goat, sheep, and chickens to families through Heifer International. God is good!

It was an incredible week that these kids will remember all summer. Hopefully the lessons they learned, the friendships they made, and the experiences they shared will remind them that GOD IS GOOD!

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