What’re the Youth Up To?

What’re the Youth Up To?

The youth have had several more exciting things happen in the group since our last article was posted. We were able to have a very fun adventure day at Water World. We got some sun and some water, and we were able to enjoy each other’s company.

The youth room has taken on a “new look” in the past couple weeks. We have painted a wall with a pretty navy blue color and we are planning on mounting a cross onto the wall. We have added new furniture, a couple of couches, an entertainment system for the T.V., and a nice coffee table. We also have a new rug to brighten up the room a bit more. We are hanging lights along the length of the windows in the room and we are sure that it will look great. Many thanks to all the people that made this facelift a possibility!

The youth have a ton of fun stuff planned for Crossfyre this year, such as Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms, Crossfyre dinners where we can spend time together, and some possible service projects in and out of our church. On behalf of all the youth, we would appreciate your prayers as we jump straight back into the school year and our busy schedules. As always, thank you for all of your support of the youth! We couldn’t be what our group is today without all of you!

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