What’s Important is the Journey

What’s Important is the Journey

What’s Important is the Journey

I recently attended a workshop for Colorado choral directors and had the opportunity to meet the fine choral conductor/choral composer, René Clausen. He is in his 35th year at Concordia College in Minnesota and has an incredible choir that tours yearly throughout the United States. He is also the composer of over 100 choral compositions that are performed by choirs all over the world.

The sessions that he presented to the workshop attendees were filled with his vast knowledge of the art of choral singing. Throughout these presentations, I was most impressed with the humbleness of this man. Here is the quote that most stood out to me (slightly paraphrased).

“It’s not the quality of a singer’s voice that is most important. It is the journey that he or she has gone through over the years.”

I think back on all of the choirs that I have directed and I can so clearly remember those singers who have grown through the process of rehearsing beautiful music. My choirs are made up of people who have strong voices, lyrical voices, blending voices, shy and quiet voices, none any better than the rest. The important thing is that they join their voices together to bring about a wonderful thing – a choir that serves our congregation each Sunday. It is really a fantastic journey to take with some truly wonderful people.

I would ask each of you to consider becoming involved with one of our groups. We will be starting rehearsals at the end of this month. Maybe it’s time for you to begin your musical journey. We would welcome you with open arms.

Steven Burchard, Director of Music


Music Calendar – (Please contact Steven Burchard for further information)

Wesley Ringers Handbell Choir
Tuesday, August 27 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Chancel Choir
Wednesday, August 28 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Spirit Singers Youth Choir
Sunday, September 8 from 11:40 am – 12:40 pm in the Youth Choir Room

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