Wherever God Leads

Wherever God Leads

Our shared work of recasting the vision of Mountain View continues. This is important work was discussed in detail at a recent church staff retreat, as a continuation of your elected, appointed and hired leader’s efforts to meet inevitable change with both faith and grace. With considerable energy and resourcefulness, your staff are keen for to come together on a renewed set of goals for our shared ministry. Though there are always need areas, the sense of vitality and mission are strong, and we see many positives coming from our ministry together.

  • Already in this season we have had an encouraging response to the Maypril Campaign.
  • We have beheld the life-changing impacts of a youth mission trip to Guatemala.
  • We have witnessed the power of a successful Vacation Bible Study with 125 kids enrolled and ages 3-83 participating, representing many, many volunteer hours.
  • We have helped homeless men find work and get IDs when fresh from incarceration.
  • We celebrated the ordination of both Pastor Sarah, elder, and Rev. Carol Forbes, deacon, at the Annual Conference in Ogden — a milestone for everybody!
  • Already this summer, we have had great morning worship, inspiring music and preaching and a delicious All-Church BBQ!
  • 32 of our MV members over 90 were invited to the “Young at Heart” B.D. Celebration hosted by the Care team.
  • We had a number of new members join last month.

Together with Lay Leader, Bill Good, Church Council Chair, Paula Derryberry, and many others, we are employing the results of the Spring 2016 congregational survey and the summer 2017 leadership retreat to set the stage for renewing Mountain View’s vision and goals. Dynamic plans are underway for the Fall and New Year, including:

  • New Pastor-led classes
  • A fresh focus on Spiritual Practices for our Congregation for living the Kingdom of God.
  • Vibrant preaching themes and series
  • A fully integrated Stewardship Series
  • Autumn Mission Fair, Bring-a-friend Sunday and Ice Cream social
  • A theological forum sponsored by the Inclusivity Committee
  • Vital programming!!!

Please come and check it all out! Prayers are always appreciated as are practical solutions and sincere assistance in our shared mission at Mountain View. We are in this work together. No one is unimportant to God. You are missed when you are away. Your sacred community needs your regular and sustained involvement to be our best and build for the eye of God. We’ll see you on Sunday!

Mountain View UMC

We believe you will be impressed by the passion, authenticity and diversity of this sacred community.