Worship Words: October

Worship Words: October

Worship Words

By Jane Etzel, Passionate Worship Team

October 2018

Spiritual Practice

What is spiritual practice? Furthermore, do you have one?

Simply put, I define spiritual practice as something you do every single day that draws you deeper into who you really are by connecting you with your divine self.  It could be your daily walk with the Lord, a simple prayer of thanks for all the wonder in our lives or The Lord’s Prayer.

October 2018 Calendar

Oct. 7              20th Sunday after Pentecost          World Communion Sunday

Oct. 14            21st Sunday after Pentecost          Human Flourishing & Joy

Oct. 21            22nd Sunday after Pentecost         Self-Control

Oct. 28            23rd Sunday after Pentecost          Generosity     Consecration Sunday

Spooktacular Festival 4:30-6:00p m   Spooktacular Organ Concert 6:00-6:30 pm

Mountain View UMC

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